Energy Efficiency

Ecodesign compliance for Hitachi drives 

New standards in ecodesign as defined in the Commission Regulation EU 2019/1781, amendment (EU) 2021/341 sets new requirements AC drives and drive-motor systems. Based on the ecodesign regulations, it is mandatory for AC Drives to achieve the IE2 efficiency class as defined by the IEC 61800-9-2. The regulation covers 3-phase standard drives (diode rectifier) from 0.12 kW ≤ Pn ≤ 1,000 kW. All Hitachi inverter fulfil these requirements and meet the IE2 efficiency level. The benefits are reduced energy costs and higher transparency thanks to the IEC 61800-9 standard which is globally valid. Using Hitachi’s ecodesign website, you can easily refer to and download the energy efficiency datasheets for each Hitachi inverter model which provides the detailed information about the IE2 compliance. Thanks to the dedicated ecodesign QR-Code on Hitachi’s inverters, you can easily find the required energy efficiency datasheet using your smartphone.

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